30 Jul 2015

Keys to Teacher Training- Passion


Keys to Teacher Training- Passion

I came across this post in LinkedIn where the author was asking what are the key essentials to teacher training.  I read through many of the replies to the post and believe they were on the mark yet something crucial is missing.  The key ingredient in teachers who successfully reach all of their students is passion.  The kind of passion that is omnipresent in the classroom and expressed in their students’ engagement.  A trip to your local schools when classes begin in the next few weeks will demonstrate this need.  Walk into the first day of class with kindergarten students and then go to a high school classroom.  Some sort of longitudinal metamorphosis happens over 13 years that quiets that unabashed excitement, curiosity and passion for learning that the 5 year olds bring to the first day of school.  Teacher training is essential for the professional growth of teachers but it must be built around cultivating the passion within every teacher to nurture the passion for learning in all of our students.


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