23 Aug 2015

Common Core Survey


Common Core Survey

Paul Peterson with Education Next just posted a summation of the 2015 Education Next Survey of Public Opinion regarding Common Core standards.  The results are intriguing.

He cites that survey results from 7 states not formally adopt Common Core that 48% of the respondents felt it had a negative impact on their schools while 36% said there was a positive impact.  Mr. Peterson states the numbers are “bogus because Common Core could not have an affect at all in those states” due to no implementation.

Most interesting is the data representing the percentage of teachers opposed to Common Core.  In the 2013 survey 12% of the teachers responding were opposed to Common Core which jumped to almost 50% in 2015.

The survey data opens the door for two fundamental questions about Common Core implementation.  First, what impact has the negative media, spurred by special interest groups, had on public opinion?  Second, how informed is the public about what Common Core is and isn’t?

The most concerning statistic is the significant trend data indicating half of the teachers surveyed believe Common Core has a negative impact.  This survey data should make it a priority of every state department of education and superintendent to conduct a follow up survey to get their state and local school district data.  They must use this data as a launching point to engage teachers and the community in a very focused educational campaign, solicit feedback and ensure implementation of curriculum standards is a priority.


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