8 Aug 2015

Common Core


Common Core

Very interesting banter after the Republican presidential debate regarding the Common Core.  Is it me or is this a much maligned Political show about nothing?  Governor Bush is right, the determination of curriculum standards are best left to the states BUT– there should be Federal oversight to ensure every student across this county not only receives but masters a set of curriculum standards that is the betterment of this country to ensure our country is at the top of a ever changing global economy.  When I pay a plumber to do work at my house I expect a set standard of service and outcome for the money I am paying.  Why would we believe the Federal government or State Government would expect anything less?  In my other posts I cited politics should stay away from non-partisan topics to the extent it nullifies vocal and well financed special interest groups.  I believe all voices should be heard so the outcome of curriculum standards best meets the countries points of view and needs.  The issue is the hypocrisy by which some special interest groups decry less/no Federal intrusion while at the same time try to legislate their influence and points of views.

How is having a set of clearly identified curriculum standards a bad thing??  Why would anyone not want to ensure every student, regardless of zip code, is guaranteed to receive the same curriculum standards.  The bigger issue is to ensure the instruction, regardless of zip code, meets the objectives of a common set of curriculum standards.  Why would it be a bad thing for commonality in course objectives that transfers with a student from state to state?

While on the subject of commonness- why is there not a common teacher and administrator license that ensures the pedagogy, content knowledge and common curriculum standard training is the same across the country?  This is not the current practice and frankly is very inefficient and unnecessary.  A teacher from Kansas, who wants to move to Missouri, should not have to go through another Missouri licensure process.  Just my 2 cents which is worth 1 cent more than the politicians perspectives.


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