31 Aug 2015

Fundraising Funnies

Fundraising Funnies

You must read this article in the Huffington Post about a PTA in Texas and their take on the annual request for parent fundraising funnies.  I would imagine if you are reading this article and have kids in school you will relate to the humor.  Veiled in the humor of the donation form is the real issue of why schools need to ask parents for donations to support their children’s education.

Each year thousands of parents across the country begin their school budget planning process.  The clothes, back packs, school supplies, lunch accounts, gym shoes, activity fees all mount up.  Prior to attending the Back to School night you prepare yourself for the gauntlet of booths set up by parent volunteers asking you to join and donate time or money for the countless worthy organizations.  You try to decide if you should open your check book or duck your head and briskly walk to your destination or anywhere else.  The requests do not stop there.  You child’s backpack is stuffed with lists of needs for birthday cupcakes, field trip supervision, classroom helper requests and Kleenex donations.  While you are rejoicing school started and your child is at school you also cringe as you brace for the onslaught of demand of your time and money.

Giving of one’s time and money to support your child’s school and classroom is a obligation we should all welcome.  Don’t give due to social pressure or fear of being labeled unsupportive.  When you give you are not only supporting your child’s education you are also modeling it is important to give of oneself to benefit others.



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