24 Aug 2015

Personality Impact

Personality Impact

Research is supporting a child’s personality is a greater predictor of success over strict intelligence.  Science in Us published a review identifying  traits such as openness and conscientiousness leads to higher grades and achievement in students and is a greater predictor for success than intelligence solely.

Countless information from businesses indicate a need for a workforce that has the personality traits necessary to work with others and these traits are drivers equal to or more important than simple achievement scores and grades.

This does not mean academic achievement is not important but it does indicate it may not be the sole indicator for future success.  So why do all the traditional measures employed by schools and universities solely focus on achievement scores and grades?  The gatekeeper for college admission rests with college entrance exam scores and to a lesser extent, high school grade point averages.  Our schools further support this approach with practices like honor rolls and Valedictorian selection processes to rank order students success.

In any normal distribution of a population there will be those individuals two standard deviations above and below the mean regardless of the cut scores.    The flaw in the current labeling of students is so narrow by only including GPAs and assessment scores.  If indeed these are not the only predictor of a students success as a future employee why do schools and university so narrowly label students’ ability?

The answer is to emphasize intellectual growth and personality development both as required components of a child’s development and potential.  The system must loosen the rigidity of solely emphasizing academic achievement and recognize the importance of interpersonal development and the impact on the future workforce demands.


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