14 Aug 2015

School Start Times


School Start Times

Do you believe the start times for secondary students is to early?  If so, what can be done to address this fact?

The CDC recently released a report citing 5 out of 6 secondary students start their school day before 8:30 am.  This early start time runs counter to the developmental needs for this adolescent demographic.  The start times between elementary and secondary schools is driven by a matter of tradition and economics- buses.  But why can’t the start times be flipped?  It should not cost anymore money to flip the elementary and secondary times so the older students start their day later.  Another solution is to start both levels later.  To do so should not cost any more money in transportation, utilities, staff salaries or food service.  In a household with working parents wouldn’t the students getting home from school around they time they return from work address or reduce supervision/day care issues?  A later start in the morning for the students could even result in more parents being home with their children before they leave for work.

So why don’t schools embrace such a simple and cost neutral alternative that is supported by research and common sense?

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