23 Sep 2015

Bernie Sanders Prisons and Schools

Bernie Sanders Prisons and Schools

Bernie Sanders Prisons and Schools.  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently posted his rationale for ending “for-profit” prisons.  He sited several eye opening statistics on the cost of operating prisons and the vastly disproportionate number of incarcerated people in the United States as compared to other countries.  Another central component of his campaign is growing the United States economy.  He makes the case that both of these items are linked.

His education plan  would make all public colleges and universities tuition-free.  He even lays out a plan on how to fund this government subsidized program.  Like his approach to prisons, his education plan would remove the Federal government profit from interest on college loans.  The greatest investment our country can make is to focus monetary resources on education the populous.  In doing so the investment will drive the economy, innovation and would reduce the number of individuals incarcerated within the United States prison system.

Bernie Sanders views on prisons and schools are idealist.  It is hard to argue with the merit of his belief.  The issue will be how will he pay for the increasing costs absorbed by universities and prison systems if he were the nest President of the United States?


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