29 Sep 2015

Brownback Blasts Schools

Brownback Blasts Schools

There was a Kansas City Star Editorial yesterday setting the stage for what could be the most contentious battle between Governor Brownback, his Republican led House and Senate vs. the public school system and teacher’s association.  Governor Brownback blasts schools and their attorney’s already in anticipation of another legislative session and increased court action on the school funding lawsuit.

The issues and rhetoric being blasted out are the same song different verse from prior years but this year could be the most interesting.  It could be the year the Governor’s fight ramps up several notches.  At stake is his political legacy with the “Kansas Experiment” of trickle down economics.  To date, it has not worked and should the Kansas Supreme Court uphold the latest school funding lawsuit against the state the Governor’s faint hope for economic recovery and economic leadership legacy will all be but gone.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, good will come form a fight where the school children are put in the middle of the war.   The wounds are deep and may never be totally healed if the fighting and lack of cooperation and partnership were to end immediately.  These scars will last forever with the state of Kansas as more and more National and global attention is being called to the battle waging in the smack dab middle of the country.


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