24 Sep 2015

Pope’s Leadership Lessons

Pope’s Leadership Lessons

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States should serve as a highly publicized lesson in effective leadership abilities.  Putting aside religious perspectives there are many lessons to be learned by everyone who is or aspires to be in a leadership role.

Why would thousands of people line the parade routes and listen to him address the people?  What draws people to him?  On the surface it could be the religious orientation he represents but nation wide, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are tuning into what this man has to say.

The words used to describe Pope Francis’ are charismatic, humorous, humble, approachable, compassionate, servant and courageous.  Arguable, these leadership traits are what draw people to his message.

His greatest leadership attribute is his deep connection with the people he serves.  He goes to the people he serves to carry his message.  In doing this he connects with people which grows his commitment to his work.

Equally, he is courageous.  He takes on the tough and controversial issues fully aware of the challenges and resistance he will face.

Leadership is not anointed by a title or training.  Rather, a leader is a person who inspires and enables people to grow and give of themselves for a higher purpose.  A leader inspires followers as to purpose thus inspiring commitment.  A leader cannot lead if people do not believe in their convictions or their commitment.

The Pope’s leadership lessons are evident for all leaders to watch and learn from.

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