3 Sep 2015

Students Suggest High School Change

Students Suggest High School Change

Any good business knows if you want to know how well your company is doing ask the customers.  The Huffington post used Twitter to ask high school students their suggestions for high school change they feel is necessary and the responses are worth listening to.

The responses range from not starting school so early, homework reform, social equality issues, add courses that link to career exploration and grading practice reform.  These are 2015 high school students commenting and I am not sure they would not be the same comments from my classmates in the late 80’s.

If students are providing the adults in schools and at their home what they feel needs to be addressed adults should listen.  Institutional history is a tough thing to change largely because those in the position to enact change have a revisionist historical perspective.  Students largely do not have choice, as a customer, in what services they want or feel would be important for them.  They are largely confined to narrow choices and little voice.  Successful for-profit companies learn to adapt to their customers’ needs or they will perish.  The push for school choice options may be a manifestation of public education’s attempt to keep centuries old institutional practices in place.

Students suggestions for educational reform must be solicited, reviewed and implemented in a partnership with these very customers.  If the business side of public education won’t change the customers will go elsewhere.




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