25 Sep 2015

Uplifting Friday Story

Uplifting Friday Story

With all of the media attention on what is wrong with public education we tend to loose sight of the fact there are many more “right” things going on in our schools.  Schools across this country are filled with dedicated and passionate professionals who want to make each day better for every student in their school.  We are all responsible for seeking out the positives and rejoicing in what is right with schools and not what is wrong.  In doing so we will have a more balanced and positive outlook that will serve us well as we tackle the ever present challenges.

Gary Logan is an Assistant Principal at Woodrow Elementary in Conway, Arkansas.  He greets students, staff and parents each morning with a smile, enthusiasm and a little entertainment.  It is not so much what he does but the positive impact it has on the people he impacts.  Watch the video and see.

I think we all need an uplifting Friday story and for that matter, one every day of the week.




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