12 Oct 2015

MU Increase in Mental Health Services

MU Increase in Mental Health Services

The Kansas City Star reported that the University of Missouri has seen a 35% increase in the number of students requesting mental health services at this time this year as compared to last year.  While the article only reported on the MU increase in mental health services requests one could assume there might be a trend for increased requests at college campuses across this country.  There is likely an increased need across our high schools as well.

The recent mass shootings at a community college in Oregon is yet another string of sad examples of the mental health of our country.  If students can’t even feel safe while attending classes at their school they will not focus on learning.

Anxiety alone is not a bad emotion but when our society and schools put large amounts of pressure on our students it can manifest into a debilitating condition.  Our education system must focus on understanding the mental health needs of our students today and have the training, resources and commitment to be able to address an alarming increase in mental health issues among our youth.

MU’s increase in mental health services requests is a wake up call to them.  It will be important they head the warning and begin to address the root causes within their students.



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