21 Oct 2015

School Data Breaches

School Data Breaches

School data breaches are becoming a common occurrence either through malicious or unintentional conduct.  The Provo (Utah) City School District announced this month a pishing incident released personal information of roughly half of the district employees.  There are a growing number of school data breaches across the country reflecting the current cyber threat issues in our new world.

Protecting confidential information of students and staff is of vital importance.  School districts are making the necessary changes to security and procedural processes to eliminate or at a minimum, protect to the extent possible against school data breaches.

The ability of school districts to keep up with the new ways criminals hack data will be a daunting but important task for school districts.  Schools have evolved too implement policies and procedures to data processing and security measures within the district operations.  These are good steps yet they will not protect against human error.

School districts are taking reasonable steps to protect against school data breaches. We live at a time where identity compromise is a way of life.  School districts are aware of these threats but it is reasonable to assume they cannot provide absolutes when there are none.


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