16 Oct 2015

Worst Aunt Ever

Worst Aunt Ever

If you are not aware of the trending story about the worst aunt ever you should be but not for what the media wants to sensationalize.  The nonsense began when social media worked it’s magic. Jennifer Connell of Connecticut failed to successful sue her 12-year-old nephew for $127,000 for breaking her wrist in 2011 when he hugged her.  Since that time critics on social media have  dubbed her the worst aunt ever.

When you read the response from her attorneys it paints a plausible picture that that the social ostracism should not be against the worst aunt ever but against the worst insurance company ever.  She claims that the laws in Connecticut are such that insurance companies cannot be named in lawsuits to get insurmountable medical bills paid for instead, you have to sue the person.  This seems ludacris at best and criminal at worst.

There are two real issues in this sad story:

  1.  Social Media-  too many people misuse this tool and in essence are guilty of committing “social homicide”.  This must stop.  Our society is evolving to be less civil, compassionate and less intelligent due to inappropriate use of social media.
  2. Insurance companies need to be overhauled and required to have a publically appointed oversight process.  In essence they raise rates on the front end and nail you in the back end if you actually use what you are paying for.   Worst yet, the law requires insurance- health, auto, home-  seems criminal.
We should not be so quick to dub Jennifer Connell the worst aunt ever.  We don’t know the whole story but maybe we are the worst neighbors and fellow Americans ever if we are so quick to damn others and inflict intentional pain that will stay with her much longer than the fleeting and momentary seconds of malicious gratification one receives to judge others through social medial.  It is time to stop treating others with such disregard and judgmentally.


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