20 Nov 2015

Approach to Budget Problem Is “Hope”

Approach to Budget Problem Is “Hope”

I read this article in the Kansas City Star and the title says everything.  Those who follow the on-going budget mess in Kansas have seen an all to familiar cycle of political games and blaming while all the while little to no real- nonpartisan- effort to address the reality of the situation.  I challenge readers to look at the quotes by Kansas politicians and lobbyists who have influenced the existing problem and appear to put effort in blame and not on solutions.  Kansas approach to the budget problem is “hope” according to one legislator.

Throughout the article there are quotes that I want to pull out to highlight the lack of leadership through action that has been all to pervasive in Topeka and the offices of paid lobbyists across the state of Kansas.  Here are a few;  “hope”, “look forward” and “see how things play out”.  These are three quotes from sitting legislators at the wheel of the most disastrous budget management in the state’s history.  Further, Dave Trabert- paid lobbyist with the Kansas Policy Institute, continues his same rhetoric claiming the state spending is at an all time high.  He further purports that over a 10 year period state revenue has increase 4% over inflation.  I am not arguing the numbers but the context by which he conveniently uses them.  He claims there is no budget problem in Kansas but rather a “spending” problem.  If he continues to look though a myopic vacuum of spreadsheets he can take a very narrow perspective on the real and present situation.

The approach to the budget problem is not “hope”- it is action.  This action should not be driven by election concerns but rather the thousands and people their inactivity and wishful hopes are impacting.




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