12 Nov 2015

Increase in Legislator Accountability

Increase in Legislator Accountability

In a Wichita Eagle Editorial published today they state 90% of the bills presented in the last legislative session did not have the author of the bill attached.  This practice grossly side steps transparency and accountability.  Kansas must demand an increase in legislator accountability.

The article states that Kansas leads the country in the number of anonymous bills presented during legislative sessions.  There is no positive reason for this practice.  These men and women were voted to represent the constituents who voted them into office.  They are accountable to all the citizens in their districts as well as all of the citizens in the state.  The very nature of the state voting districts was to ensure representation of  all citizens during the legislative session.  Without the name of the author noted there could be a few legislators drafting all bills.

Every bill should have the author identified.  Every amendment should have the author identified.  In the act of transparency, there should be a daily reporting of bills and who authored them AND the voting record of every individual.

I have never like this phrase but for once think it might be appropriate- “light is the greatest disinfectant”.  There must be an increase in legislator accountability not only at the polls but while they are in office.


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