10 Nov 2015

KS Speaker: Students Dumped on Us

KS Speaker: Students Dumped on Us

Yesterday the Speaker of the House in Kansas, Republican Ray Merrick,  provided the following quote to the Associated Press:  “When groups bring people or send people, the money ought to come with them. You dump people on us and expect us to pick up the tab.”

This was in response to the largest school district, Wichita USD 259, requesting an additional $980,000 to address the influx of students from countries like Myanmar and Somalia.  These students bring a larger price tag to educate thus prompting the school district to request additional money on top of a budget that has been slashed significantly the past 6 years.

There are many issues with this scenario. A school finance lawsuit filed by Kansas districts is sitting on the Kansas Supreme Court’s desks alleging the state has not met it’s constitutional obligation to adequately and equitably fund public education in the state.

The most alarming point is the Speaker of the House has the perspective the children are “dumped” on “us”.  There are very few to absolutely no way the word “dump” could or should be used in reference to kids whose parents immigrated to the United States for a better life.  The Kansas House Speaker’s mindset on immigrant students is offensive and alarming and may show a greater underpinning as to the issues in the Legislative and Executive branches in the state of Kansas.

The decision to eliminate income taxes for corporations “dumps” money in the pockets of a few while taking away from the many.  In this case the students in the state of Kansas are being dumped on.

Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/opinion/editorials/article43898871.html#storylink=cpy

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