19 Nov 2015

Texas School Board’s Curriculum Control

Texas School Board’s Curriculum Control

The state of Texas has arguably been the driver of the national curriculum albeit- our implied common core national curriculum.  The Texas School board’s curriculum control procedures and ideologies have influenced schools across this country for years.  Many of the largest text book companies are based in Texas and have rooted the development of curriculum content from the Texas standards.  This is and has been a default Common Core national curriculum standard for years.

It appears the Texas state board members recognize political perspectives have infiltrated the determination of what is taught to students and it may not be fair and balanced.  Their processes involve a committee review of curriculum and is made up of a majority of state citizens who may or may not represent narrow perspectives.

It is important what our students are taught and is done in a factual and multi-perspective approach.  What is most important is the focus on how we teach the content.  Our goal should not be to narrowly influence our students perspectives rather, to present multiple perspectives and teach our students the critical thinking skills necessary to connect the concepts into a real world perspective.



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