7 Dec 2015

Concussions Will End School Sports

Concussions will End School Sports

During the Denver Bronco vs. San Diego football game yesterday several players were taken out of the game following NFL concussion protocol.  It seemed there were an unusually high number of players out with potential concussions.  This could be due to new protective rules instituted by the NFL to “protect players”.  All across this country we hear all too often about the effects school sports have on our students from high school aged athletes to college aged.  The media has increased their coverage of the topic and the American sentiment towards allowing their children to participate in sports is responding.  The impact of concussions will end school sports.

Student participation in school sports have positive effects on some students.  Friday nights at the football stadium is a right of passage and a integral fiber in the fabric of towns all across this country.  High schools in Texas build stadiums larger than most colleges and have full time high school coaches who do not teach classes.  Private schools fly to play schools in other states.  Football is a year round commitment for adolescents.  Football is not the only sport with a high incidence of concussions but due to the nature of the game, the obvious symbolic sport for this issue.  Soccer is growing in popularity but also poses a high risk of concussions to the players.

With the increasing research related to the long-term impact of repeated concussions high school sports will change.  It is likely concussions will kill school sports as we know it.



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