26 Jan 2016

Time for Kansas Legislators to go Back to School

Time for Kansas Legislators to go Back to School

It may be time for Kansas legislators to go back to school.  Fortitude can be a positive trait but in the case of the conservative legislators in Kansas it is simply a narrow minded attack on students.

Representative John Bradford is introducing legislation that would “consolidate” the number of school districts in the state to 132 from the current number of 286 school districts.  His proposal would set up county wide districts resulting in 99 of the state’s 105 counties with a single school district.

The state is facing another round of projected deficits (estimated at $190 million) caused by the legislature and Governor and instead of recognizing their failures there continues to be an attack on schools.  In particular, on superintendents.  Representative Bradford and his other ideologies used Kansas taxpayer money to hire a consulting firm to come up with this proposal which they have presented numerous times in the past.  The taxpayers’ paid for consultant estimates $170 million dollars of savings by eliminating administration, administration buildings and selling unnecessary equipment.

What the proposal does not factor is the decrease in local control, decreased efficiency and the overall negative impact this will inevitably cause at the classroom level.

It is time Kansas legislators go back to school and learn that if something does not work try something new.  Maybe they will learn critical thinking skills and root cause analysis skills and understand schools are not the problem- their actions are.



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