12 Jan 2016

Third of Millennial Grads are Unprepared

Third of Millennial Grads are Unprepared

The product of reauthorization of NCLB, unprecedented years of high-stakes assessment and choice/charter movements- the Millennials- are the new American workforce.  A 2014 study commissioned by Bently University titled “The Prepared U Project:  An In-depth Look at Millennial Preparedness for Today’s Workforce” exposes important data universities, K-12 school districts and business leaders must be prepared to address.  One third of millennial grads are unprepared to enter the workforce.

This study surveyed business leaders, corporate recruiters, higher education  and recent college graduates.  The following data resulted from their study and represents the percentage each group reported Millennial graduates’ grade of a “C” or lower rating on how well prepared they are for their first job.

  • 49% of higher education influential.
  • 51% of business decision-makers
  • 43% of corporate recruiters
  • 35% of business leaders

Additional results from the study find 66% of recent graduates say they are/were unprepared to enter the workforce.  This data indicates there is a real and present problem.  To further support their claim, 61% of college graduates already in the workforce give recent college graduates a grade of “C” or lower.

Colleges and K-12 institutions need to pay attention to these results.  When business leaders report one third of Millennial college grads are unprepared to enter the workforce, further supported by 66% of college graduates, there is a disconnect.

One third of Millennial grads are unprepared.  Businesses are stating college graduates are unprepared to enter the current workforce and graduates are stating they were ill-prepared to enter the workforce.  Both of these groups are “consumers” of the product Universities’ provide and are increasingly dissatisfied.  Universities and K-12 school systems must elicit/solicit input from the business community, current students and graduates to fully and clearly understand how they must change the services they provide to their students.  Failure to do so will result in higher numbers of disconnect, as reported in this study, and a negative impact on the American workforce in a global market.






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