7 Jan 2016

Will Businesses Replace Colleges

Will Businesses Replace Colleges

The pace by which businesses must pivot to stay competitive in a global market is creating workforce needs that some businesses feel traditional college preparatory programs are not meeting.  There are global businesses that are taking matter into their own hands.  Will businesses replace colleges?

Kaiser Permanente, a large global managed-care operator, announced they will open their doors in 2019 to 48 medical students in their soon to be launched doctor preparatory program.  In the December 18, 2015 Wall Street Journal article Kaiser executives stated “The physician will not be sitting in a lecture hall like I did.” and “It is taking a different approach, turning the model (college preparation) almost upside-down.”

Businesses are investing millions of dollars each year in induction training programs designed to teach newly hired college graduates the 21st century workforce skills missing from traditional college education programs.  Businesses are seeking new hires who have the ability to recall knowledge, research knowledge and apply those skills in a workforce specific situation.  Traditional university education excels at providing recall knowledge but fails to provide relevant application of knowledge to specific present workforce demands.

While Kaiser is not alone in taking control of their own workforce needs destiny the more accurate question is not will businesses replace colleges but will colleges be more business like and evolve to survive?


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