8 Feb 2016

Tips to Successful Leadership

Tips to Successful Leadership

So what does it mean to be a leader?  More importantly, what do effective leaders do differently.  A starting point in this discussion can begin with this quote by John Buchan, “The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.”  If transformational- truly effective leadership- is to occur it is through developing the leadership of those around you.   Here are some tips for a successful leadership role.

Tip 1:  Be True to Yourself.  A leader is a person who others naturally gravitate to and through this connection, improve their leadership and productivity towards completing the organization’s goals.  A leader must have full awareness of their strengths, limitations and the courage to know the difference.

Tip 2:  Put people over processes.  No organization will be successful until the leader surrounds the organization with talented and committed employees.   Human capital is the most important asset to any successful and sustainable organization.  This is also the most difficult area  facing talented leaders yet absolutely vital to success- or failure.  People trump processes.

Tip 3:  Have a plan.  Once  others believe in your convictions and commitment to the organization they need to know you have a plan.  Be specific as to the goals of the organization, processes for collaboration, have a distributive leadership framework in mind and identify the steps to execute the plan.  Once these are in place people can visualize action.

Tip 4:  Communicate and then communicate again.  Communication is the key to getting all the moving parts working in synchronized fashion.  A leader communicates conviction, purpose and commitment every minute of every day through actions, decision making as well as the typical communication mediums.  Above all, leaders understand listening is the most important factor of being an effective communicator.  The message is more important than the medium.

Tip 5:  Prioritize.  The role of a leader can take on a life of it’s own.  Effective leaders are grounded in what is most important to their personal life and do not sacrifice those commitments.  A lifespan of a leader will be cut short if the do not balance their personal life (self, family, spiritual beliefs).

Everyone of us is a leader and the only separation among us is the differing levels of responsibility.  If you internalize the tips to manage a leadership role you will be successful.


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