15 Feb 2016

Kansas School Funding Lawsuit Should be Watched

Kansas School Funding Lawsuit Should be Watched

Why the Kansas school funding lawsuit should be watched is because it will impact every state in this country.  It is vitally important school leaders, Boards of Education and parents across this country pay attention to the school funding battle in Kansas.  In recent years, conservative ideologues and their actions have not painted a favorable mainstream picture of the state.  The disastrous impact on the past, current and future students is alarmingly overshadowed in this problem. While the contemptuous education environment in Kansas may be the extreme example in this country it is far from isolated.

Kansans public schools have a long history of effective results and in producing students with a strong work ethic, values and high levels of academic knowledge.  These accomplishments have come largely as a result of the quality of students, school staff and parental support.  Those key factors influencing student success are tapped out.  They are now the collateral damage between the Executive and Legislative branches battle against school funding and more accurately, taxes.  The state has been entrenched in this battle and subsequent law suits since 1972.

The highest level of judicial oversight, the Kanas Supreme Court, ruled last week the State of Kansas has not met their constitutional obligation to provide funds to equitably serve all students in the state.  This spring the Supreme Court will render their decision about the State’s commitment to provide adequate funding to serve students.  It is likely the ruling will be similar to their finding the state has been negligent and therefore will determine in favor of the plaintiffs (school districts representing the students of Kansas).

The Supreme Court has ordered the state to equitable fund schools by June 30 or they will shut down the schools in the state.  It is unconsciousable that the political ideologies of the Executive and Legislative branches believe diminishing public schools (through gutting funding and the ability to raise revenue locally) is in the best interest of the state.

The battle in Kansas will spill over to the rest of the country.  Kansas played a roll in the beginning of the civil war and could very well bring about the catalyst for a form of education civil war to this country.  The students must not be collateral damage in the battle of the elected officials to stake their flag on the highest hill they can find.  Fundamental to all our rights and expectations of our government is to provide an equitable and adequate education to all of our citizens of this country.  Why Kansas funding lawsuit should be watched is because what is happening in Kansas is a societal travesty and will set precedent across this country.


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