24 Feb 2016

Your Greatest Hurdle is You

Your Greatest Hurdle is You

I came across this inspirational YouTube video and although it is a simple video message,  it has a succinct and powerful message.  Your greatest hurdle is you.

We all face challenges that seem to pile up like a heavy weight on us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Realize the greatest hurdles we all face in our pursuit to satisfaction are self-imposed.  The challenges thrown at us are not self-imposed but how we choose to respond to them is.   We all have the potential to be what we can visualize.  When we are faced with mounting antagonistic pressures that seem to push us down we need to focus on what we want to be and sum up the courage to get it.  Your greatest hurdle is you.

Focus on the positives within you and others.  Build upon them.  Presume instead of assume.  Look for all perspectives to complex, and not so complex, challenges you face and you will find new solutions that have been inside of you all of the time.  Share your passion for life through your actions and always guard yourself against the mounting pressures that will attempt to keep a lid on the God given talents you possess.

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