18 Mar 2016

From Powerless to Empowered

From Powerless to Empowered

I came across this post in a Bam Radio Network tweet.  The quote is arguably a dominant feeling among the thousands of dedicated teachers across this country.  There is a way to go from powerless to empowered.

Teachers are some of the best people in the world.  They have dedicated themselves to serve others- our children and our future.  This altruistic commitment has become a very easy target for those who want to take power away from teachers for whatever myopic reason.  In addition the power of influence wielded by teacher is arguable unparalleled.  That is why the impact of an exceptionally good or poor teacher defines the profession.

Here is the secret.  As a teacher you have all the power to influence at your discretion.  This power is undeniably impervious to the external pressures suffocating teachers in today’s climate.  Every day you have the power to impact curiosity, love of learning, self-exploration and acceptance of others in the students you touch every day.  The secret to gaining an impervious cloak of influence (power) is to influence the hearts and minds of your students, and in turn, their parents.  When this is realized and accomplished those who exact pressures against schools will have no power and limited voice and teachers will go from powerless to empowered.

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