18 Mar 2016

Purpose of Motivational Quotes

Purpose of Motivational Quotes

There is an undeniable attraction to posts of motivational quotes.  Look at the analytics of the number of views or comments to these posts.  I for one am drawn to them and have been one of the thousands who post a quote but what is the purpose of motivational quotes?

I am not coming from a researched perspective but rather, an introspection as to why people make these posts and why people are drawn to them.

The Attraction

Motivational quotes that come across social media may be attractive because they are concise.  Unlike posts with links, which contain more material, simple one sentence quotes play to our ADD nature.  The overwhelming bombardment of social media posts are almost impossible to process and manage.

Motivational quotes cross all interests and business fields.  They are a common denominator for all.  They play to our desire to be better and benchmark ourselves against what our society defines as greatness or to great people.

Posting these quotes serve as a self proclamation of either what we believe we are or what we strive to be.  They are an announcement of one’s self to the cyber world.  They can also be a form of public self therapy.

The Misleading

I recently noticed a person I worked with and once respected, posted a C.S. Lewis quote.  My human faults surfaced immediately but upon further reflection, a moment of growth occurred.  I immediately was taken back as to the contradiction.  Then something clicked.  What was the intent- or more accurately, what was the impact of this person’s post.  Upon taking a step back and looking inward I gained a greater perspective about my self and after all, isn’t that the intent.  I cannot begin to be so arrogant as to assume what motivates a person to post motivational quote. What I believe now is the purpose of an individual posting motivational quotes is irrelevant rather, the positive impact to the recipient is very relevant.

I have learned that either posting or reading posts are meant to be a form of self reflection and commitment to becoming a better person.

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