9 Sep 2016

Transformational Leaders are Anything But Typical

Transformational Leaders are Anything But Typical

The topic of “Leadership” arguably is one of the most researched topics.  A quick search of LinkedIn or Twitter will show just how much attention is placed on this topic.  The interesting thing is there is such great variation between perspectives of what leadership is and is not.  The following represents an approach to defining and outlining prescriptive vs descriptive leadership approaches.  It serves as a compass of sorts for a leader to navigate the path to impact by looking inward before you can project outward. To truly lead impactful change that is sustainable and repeatable transformational leaders are anything but typical.   Please share this link with your network.


Truly effective leaders instinctively and intentionally live out their beliefs through their actions.  Many of your actions as a leader will be counter intuitive to institutional training, practices and belief structures within your organization. Your ability as a leader to recognize and navigate through challenges will be the difference between systemic vs situational change.  Traditional approaches to continuous improvement reform begins with the mentality of how do they address the issue within the existing institutional structures.  From the onset this approach will yield typical results when the expected results are far from typical. Transformational leaders are anything but typical.

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