2 Nov 2016

Put More Time in Hiring and not Firing

Put More Time in Hiring and not Firing

The most important decision any organization will make is selecting the best personnel possible.  Sadly, too many hiring processes and practices do not take into consideration the magnitude of this process in how the organization will spend it’s energy.  Will the focus be on providing the candidate the resources to leverage their talents to move the organization ahead or will the institution spend valuable resources and energy on mitigating weaknesses not identified during the hiring process?  Successful organizations put more time in hiring and not firing.

The goal of any interview process is to increase the predictive validity that the candidate selected will transform their past experiences and espoused actions into enacted successes.  Even the best selection processes rest on a gamble the chosen one will be a fit for the organization.  This I why it is of critical importance the pre-screening, interview and selection processes remove as many undesirable variables as possible.

School hiring practices all too often have significant gaps in the selection process of potentially impactful leaders.  It is extremely important school human resource departments have a strategic plan, identify/train interview teams and increase the predictive validity of the process through inter-rater reliability training.

Human Resource decisions should be focused to put ore time in hiring and not firing employees.  The cost to the district, staff and students of poor hiring practices comes at a higher cost than hiring well to begin with.  When poor practices lead to the hiring of poor candidates the school district looses the most in the form of credibility and trust with staff, students and parents.  Hire the best then use resources to support them in leveraging their talents and skill to grow your school.

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