15 Feb 2017

Impactful Leaders Disrupt Status Quo

Impactful Leaders Disrupt Status Quo

To be an impactful leader you must be a disruptor of status quo?  Should you be?  Izabel Lundberg published “The Disruptors of the New Age:  4 Things Global Leaders Do”.  The 4 things global school leaders should do:

Support Employee Purpose.  If you are a principal do you connect your staff with the goals and purpose of your school?  This connection must not only be an understanding of the purpose but why it is essential to drive the school towards excellence.  As a disruptor,  you will likely face the regression towards status quo by your staff.  You must be able to dig deeper to identify the root cause of why your staff is clinging to the comfort of a changeless environment then begin to break down those barriers of fear.

Cultivate a New Business Model.  If you are trying to solve 21st century problems with a 20th century model you will get what you have always gotten.  Disruptor Leaders must push their staff to explore and embrace all options including approaches that have not been tried in education.  System barriers must be explored and removed to allow creative business model design and the courage to stand behind the process.  School environments and needs are evolving at a rapid pace but the “system” of schooling has not.  School systems must embrace a more nimble business model to be able to pivot when change requires it.

Nurture a Conscience Driven Business.  A school culture that keeps at the forefront the current and future needs of the students, parents and staff will be well ahead of the curve.  A conscience culture is fully aware that change is the name of the game and leaders should develop a business model that anticipates what needs to be done in advance of imminent need.

Foster Global Mentorships and Partnerships.  Schools must look outside the brick and mortar walls of the school and seek partners in the process.  Forging business partners will ensure the business model is better prepared to meet the needs of their 21st Century learners.  As a leader you must be a disruptor of status quo?  To be the impactful leader your company and employees need you need to have the courage to be a disruptor when necessary for growth to occur.

Impactful leaders disrupt status quo in a very cerebral way.  Strategic purpose to challenge staff thinking about why do we do what we do is critical but more important, is what are we willing to stop doing that is not working?  It is very hard to let go of what we have always know or done.  With all the increasing expectations for outcomes and limited time to accomplish them, it is of utmost importance that practices that do not lead to the current outcomes must be abandoned.


The Disruptors of The New Age: 4 Things Glocal Leaders Do



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