14 Mar 2017

Strategic Education Collaborators

Strategic Education Collaborators

Strategic Education Collaborators (SEC) is a education consulting agency with a track record of delivering high quality, sustained professional services to schools and districts that enable them to improve student achievement, enhance educator effectiveness, and strengthen school leadership. With and emphasis on hiring consultants who have proven successful experience as building and district administrator, SEC has the capacity to deliver high quality services that will lead to improved outcomes for all students. SEC’s staff members (former teachers, school leaders, and district administrators) are unique in combining experience as practitioners with a strong focus on understanding what works in education, and bridging the gap between research and practice. SEC’s mission is to work with education and other communities as their strategic education collaborators to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults.  Strategic Education Collaborator approach to school turnaround emphasizes systemic change undertaken collaboratively with and among district and school leaders, classroom teachers, families, and other committed stakeholders.

SEC is a strategic partner in the continuous improvement processes of our clients  Through the comprehensive diagnostic review process SEC works with our partner to identify leadership practices strengths and opportunities through the comprehensive diagnostic review processes. SEC uses multiple data collection methods that are researched based.  The comprehensive leadership for learning diagnostic process provides a perspective of current leadership practices and perceptions throughout the school community.  The data is collected, analyzed and interpreted for areas of strength and opportunities for further exploration and improvement.  The Diagnostic Findings report will provide a starting point for the school to begin the processes of; interpreting survey results; prioritizing Domains for Professional Learning, coaching, and implementation; integrating leadership practices into school initiatives and preparing communication, coaching, and data systems for implementation launch of the school improvement plan.

SEC believes in and provides a very a strategic and focused approach of designing actionable responses to the Diagnostic Findings report:

·       Interim evidence collection

·       Celebrate progress

·       Identify supports to fill gaps in implementation participation and effectiveness

·       Implement supports and encourage quality practices

·       Correlate leadership practices implementation to improvement in school initiatives

·       Communicate evidence of progress with school stakeholders

·       Provide objective data that will drive the school’s School Performance Plan

There am many education consulting firms to choose from ranging from large national and international firms to single operator owners.  Each provider brings their own expertise and niche.  School leaders should clearly identify what deliverables they are looking for in a consulting partner?  Are you looking to be told what to do OR are you looking for a consultant who guides your staffs’ learning through the “doing” process so it insures continuity after SEC leaves?  We walked in the shoes of our clients and because of this experience we have an acute awareness of the cultural and community influences on schools.

Strategic Education Collaborators are school leaders for school leaders to be your partner in designing  the road map for continuous improvement.  To learn more, read client feedback and for contact information visit  http://scottspringston.com/


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