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Curious Leaders

Curious Leaders Curiosity may be negative for the proverbial cat but it is a fundamental component of transformational leadership DNA.  Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink define this approach as “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”  Curious leaders approach complex issues with a mindset that is not driven by existing constraints or predetermined pathways rather, they search...
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Deconstruct School Boards

Deconstruct School Boards Are we at a point where we truly need to examine the need to deconstruct school boards, as they currently function, with a new oversight-stakeholder engagement governance system?  In light of national movements, coinciding with growth of special interest political groups, public schools all across the county have seen a surmounting special interest influence in our board of education chambers.  This strategic hostile take over of the board chambers...
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Grand County Colorado Student to Career Opportunity Initiative

Grand County Colorado Student to Career Opportunity Initiative Grand County Higher Education Director, Dr. Scott Springston, is excited about a broad based collaborative focus on the Grand County Colorado Student to Career Opportunity Initiative.  The focus of this initiative is to prepare the high school graduates in our county with high level college and career readiness skills and experiences.  The genesis is to link the...
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Leveraging Higher Education in a Rural County

Leveraging Higher Education in a Rural County Grand County Higher Education (GCHE) is a nonprofit venture, within the Grand Foundation, with a Director who reports to a governing committee.  GCHE is leveraging higher education in a rural County in Colorado.   GCHE is funded completely separate from the Grand Foundation through gifts and grants from individuals and foundations dedicated to our mission to create continuing learning, higher education...
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Pitfalls of Top-Down Leadership Models

Pitfalls of Top-Down Leadership Models To understand distributive leadership, it is useful to first define and understand the pitfalls of top-down leadership models.. Traditional top-down leadership structures often consist of a few individuals with appointed titles as leaders.  Decision making authority and responsibility rests largely with these few individuals.  Most of the leadership activities are spent on task completion and little to no attention is...
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The Assets of Impactful Leaders

Posted on31 Mar 2017
The Assets of Impactful Leaders Every person in your organization has innate and learned leadership skills but what are the assets of impactful leaders who transform work cultures?. Superintendents and building principals must have an acute awareness of each individuals’ talents and leverage them for the benefit of the organization. If you understand what institutional barriers are in place that act against coordinating these efforts you...
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