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Measuring 21st Century Student Outcomes

Measuring 21st Century Student Outcomes I have read over and used the P21 Commissions 21st Century Student Outcomes, linked below, to drive systematic linkages between the rigorous core curriculum and emerging 21st Century work force drivers.  This is an outstanding research vetted framework I would highly encourage school districts adopt.  The challenge with these outcomes, not unlike any outcomes, does not lie with the development but...
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Keys to Teacher Training- Passion

Posted on30 Jul 2015
Keys to Teacher Training- Passion I came across this post in LinkedIn where the author was asking what are the key essentials to teacher training.  I read through many of the replies to the post and believe they were on the mark yet something crucial is missing.  The key ingredient in teachers who successfully reach all of their students is passion.  The kind of passion that is omnipresent in the...
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Kansas Innovation Districts

Posted on28 Jul 2015
Kansas Innovation Districts Interesting read from Ed Week.  I agree with one of the readers when they responded the author of this piece missed the mark on the Innovation Districts.  It takes real leadership (superintendents) to step up and face what is handed to them in a proactive fashion.  The bulk of the article is spot on.  This past week the Kansas School Board of...
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