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Impactful Leaders Disrupt Status Quo

Impactful Leaders Disrupt Status Quo To be an impactful leader you must be a disruptor of status quo?  Should you be?  Izabel Lundberg published “The Disruptors of the New Age:  4 Things Global Leaders Do”.  The 4 things global school leaders should do: Support Employee Purpose.  If you are a principal do you connect your staff with the goals and purpose of your school?  This...
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Scrap Traditional Superintendent Evaluations

Posted on09 Feb 2017
Scrap Traditional Superintendent Evaluations I recently read Doug Reeves’ book From Leading to Succeeding  and he provided a very impactful yet fictitious example of a couple conducting a summative marriage evaluation.    In that scenario he depicts a couple at a restaurant celebrating their anniversary.  The story unfolds as the couple begins by conducting a summative marriage evaluation for the past year.  The approach is very clinical and is...
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3 Point Hitch and School Calendars

3 Point Hitch and School Calendars So what does a 3 point hitch and school calendars have in common?  In the year 2017, almost nothing.  A 3 point hitch is a connection between a farming tractor and an implement.  A school calendar is what should be designed around this simple principle:  if time is a constant, how we use it is the variable.  Most school...
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School Vouchers Will Not Fix Failing Schools

School Vouchers Will Not Fix Failing Schools School vouchers will not fix failing schools.  The issue is too complex and rooted in a multitude of social, cultural and economic disparities and educational neglect.  The appointment of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, in combination with the President’s purported intentions, must be the catalyst for public schools across this country to diametrically shift from status quo.  Broad based...
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Connecting Rural Communities to Higher Education and Workforce Certifications

Connecting Rural Communities to Higher Education and Workforce Certifications Connecting rural communities to higher education and workforce certifications is a necessity for the economic sustainability and expansion for thousands of small communities across America.  A new non profit startup in a geographically large but very rural county in the mountains of Colorado is tackling this very challenge.  With a sparse population that experiences high volumes...
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Strategic Education Collaborators

Strategic Education Collaborators Lately there has been a lot of buzz on the internet about building sustainable organizational leadership cultures that leverage a company’s competitive advantage. The goal is leadership training from situational to sustainable. Strategic Education Collaborators, led by Dr. Scott Springston, have worked with clients in changing the way their leadership practices move from situational to sustainable.  “The difference between an organization thriving and...
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