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Distributive Leadership as the School Turnaround Lens

Distributive Leadership as the School Turnaround Lens  The majority of traditional leadership structures are top-down in distribution of authority and tasks.  Distributive Leadership research identifies there is another leadership model that focuses on leveraging system wide leadership practices.   Research supports the implementation of distributive leadership as the school turnaround lens. To understand distributive leadership, it is useful to first define traditional leadership. Traditional leadership structures often consist...
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Strategic Education Collaborators

Strategic Education Collaborators Strategic Education Collaborators (SEC) is a education consulting agency with a track record of delivering high quality, sustained professional services to schools and districts that enable them to improve student achievement, enhance educator effectiveness, and strengthen school leadership. With and emphasis on hiring consultants who have proven successful experience as building and district administrator, SEC has the capacity to deliver high quality services that...
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Grand County Higher Education

Grand County Higher Education Grand County, Colorado encompasses 1,870 square miles with 14,289 residents (2013 census data) and has a 3.8% unemployment rate.  The county is roughly 2/3rd the size of the state of Connecticut and is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Founded in 1996 as the Columbine Foundation, the name was changed to the Grand Foundation in 2001 which also marked...
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Leadership Doctrine

Leadership Doctrine As a leader you may be asking yourself- “I signed up for this?”  The answer is yes and many are glad you did.  As a superintendent or building principal you have the talent, desire and disposition to lead others.  You accepted this challenge and responsibility as a servant leader and your task will not be for the faint of heart.  You will need...
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Impactful Leaders Disrupt Status Quo

Impactful Leaders Disrupt Status Quo To be an impactful leader you must be a disruptor of status quo?  Should you be?  Izabel Lundberg published “The Disruptors of the New Age:  4 Things Global Leaders Do”.  The 4 things global school leaders should do: Support Employee Purpose.  If you are a principal do you connect your staff with the goals and purpose of your school?  This...
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Scrap Traditional Superintendent Evaluations

Posted on09 Feb 2017
Scrap Traditional Superintendent Evaluations I recently read Doug Reeves’ book From Leading to Succeeding  and he provided a very impactful yet fictitious example of a couple conducting a summative marriage evaluation.    In that scenario he depicts a couple at a restaurant celebrating their anniversary.  The story unfolds as the couple begins by conducting a summative marriage evaluation for the past year.  The approach is very clinical and is...
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